10 January 2009

Me & Ezekiel

On Wednesday, I finally got meet Ezekiel... who I found out actually goes by Namukangula within his family (most of the kids have an English name and a family name, which is different than what would be their western surname... hard to explain).

I've sponsored Ezekiel for the last two and a half years- he's from the remote bush village of Bulemeze, which is where Sam's side of the family is from originally. Ezekiel, and a lot of the kids from Sam's side, now live in Kayunga (outside Kampala), in the house that is cared for by Gladys, the woman in the post below.

Yesterday I got to see the village, visit his parents grave, and meet his uncle James, who took care of him and his 6 siblings after his parents died. James told me his dad died first (from AIDS), then his mom one year later. Ezekiel was very young, and probably would not remember them. Three of Ezekiel's siblings (John, Robinah, and Diana) live at Kayunga with him now, and are sponsored by Ugandan Lambs. I'm not sure about the status of his older siblings.

09 January 2009

Tom & Alex

When we first pulled up to Ruth's family home in Namagongo ("the blue house"), before Tom could even get out of the van, Alex was running up to him to give him a huge hug. Without a doubt one of the most touching things I have seen in my life.

Last year it was discovered that Alex had a heart condition that needed surgery. The same condition had recently taken the life of one of our other kids. Tom and his wife Meredith, who sponsor Alex, organized the fundraising to pay for Alex's surgery... and now he has the massive scar to prove it... which he's showing us here under his new Wilson's Home Improvement shirt.

01 January 2009


In about 24 hours, I'll be on my way to Uganda. If possible, I'll try to post updates and photos on here... in the meantime, here's a few photos that Louie Huesmann took when they visited last year.

Gladys, the caretaker for the kids at Sam's family home in Kuyunga. I am really looking forward to meeting this amazing woman, whom I hear has an incredibly deep and rich voice.

Here are the kids that stay at Ruth's family house, "the blue house," outside Kampala

Inside the Blue House, which is falling apart faster and faster each year... we may end up doing a fair number of repairs on it next week.

Great job with the photos Louie... I have a lot to live up to with my own work. Check out www.louiehuesmann.com when he finishes it.

Cheers friends... I'll talk to you from afar when I can.