17 October 2012

Abandoned playground... go to Tumblr!

Just a reminder- this blog is pretty much a dead archive now-- check out my site for current work : www.kurtsimonson.com or my new blog: kurtsimonson.tumblr.com

18 September 2010

Alec Soth- opening day lecture for Walker show

The internet makes me happy... since I wasn't able to be there in person, here it is... can't wait to see the show at Christmas time.

(if the embedded video isn't working, click here to see it on youtube)

21 July 2010

...and there was evening, and there was morning...

Just a few images from my last visit to L'Abri in Greatham, England...

01 March 2010

Need to update link list...

This is to serve as a reminder to myself, and an apology to many of you, for not updating my link list... most of my students have amazing sites that I need to set up links to... someday...

A great find... Hold Your Horses art recreations

70 Million by Hold Your Horses ! from L'Ogre on Vimeo.

17 October 2009

5 year reunion for Shared Horizons

On October 17, 2004, we gathered at Golden Star for our first round of Jimmy the Greek omelettes... this time we returned older, wiser, and with a much better camera. check out my website to see the original Shared Horizons project.

The first day- 10/17/04

some other older shots... more on my Facebook page.

24 September 2009

In response to the 100 degree heat...

... and because I'll be seeing him live tomorrow night.

"Wolves" by Bon Iver

07 September 2009

New Work Explorations...

These new ideas are generously "borrowed" and derived from Jeff Rau and Jonathan Anderson... friends share things, right?

I've been wanting to make "icons" of my Northwoods Journals imagery... so here we go, this is my first attempt at routing and inlaying using a Dremel... not sure where this will lead, but it's fun to play... This is definitely very rough, and if I don't get better at it, then I'll just have my photos laser-cut and inlay them that way...

The wood panels would be stained, and I'm toying with the idea of incorporating gold leaf into them somehow... into the wood grain... ? who knows, but below are some images of my first attempts to gold leaf something in 10 years. I'm not that fond about it yet, but I'm excited to have at least gotten some of these ideas out of my head and into the studio.

13 July 2009

Website updated / blog update to follow...


has been updated with new info/news pages and the latest configuration of the Northwoods Journals project.

maybe someday I'll get around to updating or using this blog again too...

15 February 2009

Uganda pictures are posted

My Uganda photos are finally posted and ready to share- I had a hard time narrowing about 4000 photos down to about 1200... which is still far too many for most people to care about, but it was a big trip! The photos are organized in sets on my Flickr.com account, which allows you to view them at your own pace and with some sense of organization... so go here to see them:


If you have never used Flickr before, it can be a little disorienting because of multiple viewing options. If you click on a set, you are taken to a thumbnail page. From there you have two options:
1. Click on any of those thumbnails, and you are able to see them larger. You can also read captions easily that way. Moving to the next picture is done through a grey-shaded box on the right. When viewing this way, you can also make comments, and you can view and download the full-size version of the picture by clicking "all sizes" above the photo.
2. However, if you want to view them as a slideshow, which is my favorite way of viewing things, there should be a small little icon (of a projector screen) for viewing things as a slideshow at the top of the main set page. The background goes black and the photos go full-screen, and if you want to know caption information, click "show info" at the top of the black screen.

I should be picking out some of my favorite photos to put onto my main website soon (www.kurtsimonson.com) and when I do, I'll let you know.

07 February 2009

Uganda pictures coming soon...

To those of you who have been checking to see how my trip was... my apologies. It's been very difficult to find time to process my pictures (or my thoughts) since I got back and since work for the spring semester has started.

I will be posting most of the pictures (thousands of them) on my Flickr webpage, which I'll share the link for once they are ready. Then you can take your time, view as many as you want, or just ignore them.
Once I have a strong set of (narrowed down) personal favorites, I'll post those at kurtsimonson.com

For now, here's a couple.

Ruth's house, "The Blue House" at Namugongo

Idah, at the Blue House

Ruth's oldest sister

St. Paul's Cathedral, Namirembe

10 January 2009

Me & Ezekiel

On Wednesday, I finally got meet Ezekiel... who I found out actually goes by Namukangula within his family (most of the kids have an English name and a family name, which is different than what would be their western surname... hard to explain).

I've sponsored Ezekiel for the last two and a half years- he's from the remote bush village of Bulemeze, which is where Sam's side of the family is from originally. Ezekiel, and a lot of the kids from Sam's side, now live in Kayunga (outside Kampala), in the house that is cared for by Gladys, the woman in the post below.

Yesterday I got to see the village, visit his parents grave, and meet his uncle James, who took care of him and his 6 siblings after his parents died. James told me his dad died first (from AIDS), then his mom one year later. Ezekiel was very young, and probably would not remember them. Three of Ezekiel's siblings (John, Robinah, and Diana) live at Kayunga with him now, and are sponsored by Ugandan Lambs. I'm not sure about the status of his older siblings.