15 February 2009

Uganda pictures are posted

My Uganda photos are finally posted and ready to share- I had a hard time narrowing about 4000 photos down to about 1200... which is still far too many for most people to care about, but it was a big trip! The photos are organized in sets on my Flickr.com account, which allows you to view them at your own pace and with some sense of organization... so go here to see them:


If you have never used Flickr before, it can be a little disorienting because of multiple viewing options. If you click on a set, you are taken to a thumbnail page. From there you have two options:
1. Click on any of those thumbnails, and you are able to see them larger. You can also read captions easily that way. Moving to the next picture is done through a grey-shaded box on the right. When viewing this way, you can also make comments, and you can view and download the full-size version of the picture by clicking "all sizes" above the photo.
2. However, if you want to view them as a slideshow, which is my favorite way of viewing things, there should be a small little icon (of a projector screen) for viewing things as a slideshow at the top of the main set page. The background goes black and the photos go full-screen, and if you want to know caption information, click "show info" at the top of the black screen.

I should be picking out some of my favorite photos to put onto my main website soon (www.kurtsimonson.com) and when I do, I'll let you know.


Caleb Weston said...

Great photos Kurt!

Just went through the first set. Going through the others later.

Blue said...


I saw you're photos and i liked them. The photo in your blog called "The Blue House" is quite beautiful.

Greetings from