24 September 2009

In response to the 100 degree heat...

... and because I'll be seeing him live tomorrow night.


"Wolves" by Bon Iver

07 September 2009

New Work Explorations...

These new ideas are generously "borrowed" and derived from Jeff Rau and Jonathan Anderson... friends share things, right?

I've been wanting to make "icons" of my Northwoods Journals imagery... so here we go, this is my first attempt at routing and inlaying using a Dremel... not sure where this will lead, but it's fun to play... This is definitely very rough, and if I don't get better at it, then I'll just have my photos laser-cut and inlay them that way...

The wood panels would be stained, and I'm toying with the idea of incorporating gold leaf into them somehow... into the wood grain... ? who knows, but below are some images of my first attempts to gold leaf something in 10 years. I'm not that fond about it yet, but I'm excited to have at least gotten some of these ideas out of my head and into the studio.