20 November 2007

Some thoughts on Silence and Solitude

“Silence is God’s first language.”
- St John of the Cross, 16th century.

Introduction, by Franz Wright (2nd half):

I am here to learn
to bear
the beams of love,
what else

through the leaves, I am here to endure the
bells tolling

Like you a guest, a ghost

Everything will be forgotten

And either I am too alone
or I am not
alone enough
to make each moment

(No one bats 1.000, friend
no one
bats .500)

And I have heard God's silence like the sun
and sought to change

I'm just going to listen to the silence

till the Silence

“Love your solitude… it will be your home and haven even in the midst of very strange conditions, and from there you will discover all your paths.”
--Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

“…take time away from busy-ness, time to be. I’ve long since stopped feeling guilty about taking being time; it’s something we all need for our spiritual health.
…listen to the silence, stay open to the voice of the Spirit. …slow me down Lord.”
-Madeleine L’Engle, Walking on Water


Mary said...

Well look at this--you have a blog. Beautiful photo of course! I am guessing this blog is new? Thanks for linking mine on yours--I will do the same!

Scott said...

Some thoughts of solitude.

I saw "Margot at the Wedding". It wasn't as good as I'd hoped:(

Franz Wright is so good!!

Snow Well bud.