10 December 2007

KayLynn Deveney, part 2

"Edith and Len" by KayLynn Deveney

October 30
The seasons are changing today. The sky is darker and more wet. The leaves are dancing around the streets.
Edith asked me today if I could imagine what it’s like to sit there all day, every day, the way she did. I thought, I am desperately trying to imagine it.

November 2
Visited Len and Edith today around teatime. Len seemed very unhealthy— bad cough, weepy eyes, no appetite, talking less and shaking more. Edith was very emotional and cried a lot. · It was hard yesterday, for them and me. It was hard to photograph her crying. It seemed very cold to pick my camera up and stick it in her face.

November 18
I’m so angry right now. When I went to Edith and Len’s room I could hear a caregiver inside. I
knew it was about time for Len to get dressed, so I stopped outside the door. I heard this caregiver telling Edith to shut up, that she was an evil old woman and not to touch Len. Edith came bursting out the door and I followed her. When Edith and I got back to the room, Len was gone. She asked this caregiver where he was, and she was told he was in the lounge. Edith said, “I’ll have him back now.” The caregiver said no. Edith said, “He’s my husband, not yours.” · I called their son, Roger, when I got home.

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