08 January 2008

The Resurrection of Pinocchio

Today here in Long Beach we celebrate the annual washing up on our shore of everyone else's crap. Thank you, Southern California, for throwing all of your tennis balls, styrofoam, shoes, toys, condoms, and wrappers into the street, so all of us here in Long Beach can enjoy Monet haystacks of crap whenever it rains.

In the midst of this, I was inspired to do a little performance art of sorts. What follows is the Resurrection of Pinocchio.

ps- it should be noted that an actual body did wash up on the shore in the midst of all of this... so this one's for him.


Scott said...

Looks like Monstro the whale had his way with Pinocchio again. Thank God for Kurt's loving kindness. The true hero to this story.

Mick said...

This is great I love it. The little guy seems to come to life. You can feel his new found freedom! Good one.

kirsten said...

the resurrection of pinocchio ... i love it!! made me chuckle until i read about the actual body.


LD said...

when you wish upon a star, it makes no difference what shore you happen to wash up on with the rest of Southern California's flotsam and debris.

Johanna said...

I loved this.