04 January 2008

Cats and Sunsets

Let's hear it for cliche photos... I'm enjoying the mundane right now:

New Year's Day sunset over Bluff Park. Cat found on 6th St. in San Pedro.


Shannon said...

i've been taking a lot of cat pictures lately also. i've never understood why people take pictures of their cats, but my family recently got a little grey kitten, and i'm now in love with her.

i photograph every single thing she does, and now i'm going through withdrawals since i'm back at biola.

kirsten said...

let's here it for cliche photos! i took some pics of my family's cat at christmas & admit as cliche as the pics were, they made me smile. it was fun taking them.

i see you're a cold war kids fan too! loved your post on your favorite bands/tunes by the way ... i'm someone also who can mark significant periods in my life & poignant moments in time with music.

happy 2008!