30 June 2008

Corey Arnold

I have to thank my friend Leah Dankertson (roughhewnlog.blogspot.com) for introducing me (reintroducing me? this guy seems familiar) to Corey Arnold's work... a fisherman/photographer:

These first few ones are from the "Human Animals" series:

And a couple from "Arcticness":

okay, postscript... I know why he's familiar. He went to high school with Natalie Anderson. Cool.


Mary said...

oh my word! It is quite alarming to click on your site and see that first image. I thought I might have to pay to see more. ha.

Leah said...

I knew you would love it! I was just thinking the other day that I should tell you to check it out....or did I and just forget? Hmmmm.

J.R. Uretsky said...

the boxers and cat photo is now my desktop image...and will forever haunt my dreams. thanks for that.