09 June 2008

Ezekiel Namukangula

This is Ezekiel Namukangula, my Ugandan "son."

He's 12, and in grade P4 at Namirembe Primary School in Kampala, Uganda, where he recently became the sanitation prefect. He's originally from a tiny rural village called Belmeze, and he's a relative of a man at my church, Sam Sebabe. Sam and his wife Ruth are responsible for 50+ children in their extended family who have become orphans due to AIDS. Through a refreshingly grassroots effort at our church, I'm able to send him support every month that I know goes 100% toward his school, clothing, and medical needs. In return, I get amazing letters that quote scripture and make me cry.

I will finally get to meet him in January when a group of us will head out there to take care of various needs such as non-profit organization business, the building of a new house, and photo/video documentary (that's me).

thanks to Louie Huesmann for the photos.


eleanor greer. said...

oh my dear Lord...beautiful.

kirsten said...

kurt, this is amazing. i love that now more than ever, we're able to partner with people a world away from us, that we are able to play some small part in enriching their lives.

simply said, it's beautiful.

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That is unspeakably awesome Kurt! So awesome. My friends and I have been praying for the people of Uganda.
I have a movie recommendatin for you: War/Dance. It's a documentary that follows children in an Ugandan displacement camp who compete in national music/dance competition. Their stories are...well just go see it.